Universal Credit Areas (by January 2018)

(Show Sep 2017)
The map shows the areas where Universal Credit can be claimed by different claimant groups by the end of September 2017. In many areas (apart from those shown in pink on the map) only a limited group of claimants can apply for Universal Credit - see below-right. Click on the map to view the relevant postcodes and start dates. (Note: details may be subject to revision/correction; only approximate areas are shown. Start dates, areas and case-mix shown are based on information available on 26 May 2017 and may change. Areas moving to the full service during Oct 2017-Jan 2018 are outlined in grey. )
Note: from 6 April 2017 claimants with three or more dependent children are not be able to make a new claim for Universal Credit - they will have to claim 'legacy' benefits instead. This rule will apply in all areas (both 'live' and 'full' service). Families with three or more children already on Universal Credit will remain on Universal Credit UC full service in parts of North Kensington ( postcodes W8,W11, W10 5,W10 6 and W10 9 ) has been postponed until 26 September 2018. From 27 September 2017 UC is also available in certain specified postcodes in Northern Ireland - these areas are not covered by this map.
        Live service ( gateway applies)
  Full Service Areas to Sep 17 
  New Full Service Areas Oct-Jan 2018
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